How do I get to Sydney airport cheaply from the city?

On domestic travel people who don’t travel often go for the cheap Jetstar deal and don’t consider the costs of getting to the airport, money spent at the terminal etc. whereas these costs can be significant.  If you are travelling on a $69 fare then a $40 cab to the airport is a significant portion of the total transport cost.

To get to the Domestic Airport in Sydney it’s $16.40 from City stations such as Wynyard.  Travelling to Wolli Creek which is the station after the airport stations it is $2.36 on the Opal Card.  This is because the airport line was built by a private company and they have an agreement to charge higher rates to recover the cost.  You can get a cab out to the airport from the city for $50 which might work out slightly better with 4 plus people however what if only one or two of you are travelling.

If you don’t mind a 15-20 minute walk however then you can pay the lower cost of $2.36 and walk from Mascot station.  This is especially good if you don’t have much luggage or are travelling without children.  It’s also obviously a better option vs a cab/uber if you live near a train line and if it’s a nice day outside.  Use your own discretion as to safety obviously but I think it’s generally a safe area to walk through especially during the day.

If you look at this in an opportunity cost type setting and it takes you 20 minutes but saves you $14 then your after tax pay rate is $42 per hour which is a pretty good pay rate for taking a walk.  Plus you get a nice walk in.  It’s also a nice feeling to avoid paying the tourist fee.

We did this recently on our trip to Melbourne and were happy to have an extra $30 each way in our pockets to spend on the trip.  Plus we had a nice walk!







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